Cedar Lodge Of Maple Valley

venue closing. no longer accepting reservations.

Use of Candles—LED only, no exceptions

Music—music volume has to date not been an issue at the lodge. You may use our system, bring in a DJ, or bring in a band.

Vendors—you are free to use any vendor you choose including do-it-yourself option. If you are doing your own catering, you must either Barbecue your meat outside or bring it in already cooked. You will need someone in your party to have a food handlers permit and if serving alcohol, you will need someone with a liquor certification. We have a prep and warming kitchen only. I have a really good vendor list if you need help in any area.

Alcohol is fine at the lodge-- You are required to have a certified bartender for all alcohol. You also need to provide a Certificate of Insurance and a Banquet Permit. If you are selling drinks you will also need a liquor license and a Special Occasion Permit—this permit can take up to 90 days to get and is $65.00

Sparklers—No sparklers

Closing Time—Gate needs to be locked by 10 pm.

Table Sizes

    • 17-- 6 ft rounds that seat up to 10
    • 6--32 inch round highboy bar tables
    • 4--32 inch round standard height that seat up to 4
    • 10--8 ft rectangle
    • 6--6 ft rectangle
    • 2--4 ft rectangle 


  • On the 6 ft rounds--round linen to hit floor 120 inch, square linen to come to 4 points 85x85 square​
  • On the Highboy--same as above
  • On the 32-inch standard height--round linen to hit the floor 90 inch, square linen to come to 4 points 52x52 or 62x62 square
  • On the buffet tables if you would like your linen to hit the floor on all four sides use an 85x85 square and use two of these linens per one table and three per two tables end to end. 

Insurance Limits to Purchase—Aggregate policy limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate for bodily injury, death and property damage liability. I recommend a company called The Event Helper www.theeventhelper.com. They do party insurance in all 50 states. It is a very fast and easy process online and you can have them send the certificate directly to the lodge.

Personal Property Set-Up at the Lodge—Your Certificate of Insurance does not cover your personal items such as rings, wedding dresses, etc. These would be covered under your own homeowners’ insurance.

Dogs in Wedding Party—We do allow dogs to be in the wedding party. You will be responsible for any damage done by your pet.